Burbank is the “twin brother” of Keith Silverman. In reality, Keith was Burbank’s Fetch, and Burbank lived for most of his life alongside the creature given his appearance.

Their mother took it upon herself to keep both boys when her son magically returned shortly after having been stolen and replaced.

Burbank was responsible for an argument between himself and Keith, wherein Keith threatened to expose Burbank for plotting against the Courts, and Burbank then pummeled Keith into a coma.

After pursuing Burbank to his hideout in the Hedge-a sort of treehouse, a la Swiss Family Robinson-the motley eventually captured Burbank in a final showdown as he and a hobgoblin of his acquaintance, one Sa-Ra, were coming to kill Keith in the private care facility he had been moved to.

Burbank was taken to the Winter court and was last seen being loaded into a nondescript white van.


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