Bloody Bart


Bart is an Ogre with stiff, rippled skin and a perpetually bleeding head wound.

He was first introduced as a suspect in Demetrius’ murder. Dim traveled alone to the far end of Gresham, where he met Bart and his two cohorts, Twitchy and Tin Tony at a bar. Despite an aggressive, uncooperative attitude, Bart was later exonerated of the charge.

Bart makes public his disdain for the Courts working together. He is known for violent and flashy displays of his temper. More moderate members of the court have criticized him for disturbing what peace there is between the Courts, and he in turn criticizes them for compromising their values as Summer Court members by working with Courts that don’t share their philosophy or agenda.

When the March formed, Bart surprised everyone by siding with the militia that fractured off of the main Summer Court. It became obvious that the only reason he joined was because Summer members were firmly in charge in this new structure, and that suited his attitude.

Bloody Bart

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