Gothic Beauty


Belladonna is a dark-eyed, pale skinned gothic beauty.
(Autumn Court, Fairest Shadowsoul)

Striking looks (4)
Court Goodwill, Winter (2), Spring (1)


Several years ago, Belladonna opened her home to a fellow Autumn Court member in need, then known just as Shika. The two became quick friends and roommates. Her and the now Queen of Autumn are still good friends and close confidants.
Belladonna is rumored to have been one of the last Autumn Court members to flee Vancouver during the attack of The Northern March, reluctant to abandon her condo, which she was sure Shika and her missing motley would return to.
These days ’Donna is a hard working member of the Autumn court, and will usually happily teach contracts to other changelings, though not without an appropriate fee.

The contracts she can teach include contracts of: separation, vainglory, smoke, darkness, mirror, dream, and both eternal autumn and fleeing autumn.


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