Former queen of the Winter Court


Desedemenona was once the regent of the Winter Court, by vote of the populace.

Desedemenona is approachable but cool and quiet. She has skin like a fresh snow bank, with an icy breeze surrounding her that can be bracing for those who don’t expect it.


Once the Lady Regent of Winter, Desedemenona hosted elaborate High Tea parties that were held to be some of the most spectacular, if sedate, events one could be invited to. While not orgiastic, her social events were rumoured to be highly entertaining and highly rewarding, though no one who had been was willing to share details.

Desedemenona seemed to disappear during the Dark Days. However, recently Quick Slim received an invitation to a High Tea, claiming to be one hosted by the snowy lady. He traded the invitation to the PC motley in order to get out of attending.


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