Petals of the Rose

Beginning and Ending, Part 3
Session 3, "Changing of the Seasons"

The Changing of the Season

Consisting of the scenes:
A Way Out
Home Again
Filling the Hours
The Rise of Autumn
Court Begins
A Place for Porsche

We were pretty silly during this session, with a number of sidetracked conversations and yelling of “Duck Pockets!” I don’t think anyone wants to know why we yell that. Anyway, Porsche’s player had to leave early, so the story version re-orders some things to improve the dramatic flow of the action, but other than that it’s a pretty solid recounting of the tale as it happened.h4. Your title here…h1. Your title here…

Beginning and Ending, Part 2
Session 2, "Into the Hedge"

Into the Hedge

Consisting of the scenes:
Rude Awakening
On the Hunt
The Darkling’s Bargain
What Happened to Rajah
To the Hedge
Of Fight and Flight

In this session, we gained our fourth player and saw what had been happening for his character, and the rest of the group sought him out in the hedge. It was his first session of Changeling, as it had been for Shade’s player the previous week. Things started to really get rolling on the story.

Beginning and Ending, Part 1
Session 1, "The Dreams Begin"

The Dreams Begin

Two Dream As One
The Lost Girl
Time To Go
Porsche’s First Lesson
Crash Pad

This is the full write-up of the first session. Rajah’s player was unable to make the first session, allowing us to focus more on the retrieval of Porsche from an oblivious attempt to return to her life.

The Time Between

This was not a session or set of sessions. This is a listing of pages related to the events after the end of the first game and before the second game.

The Dark Days
The Northern March

The War for Innocence (All Parts)

The War for Innocence

A summer story that would have completed a year in the lives of the original PC motley.

This was the last story with this group and it was never finished due to the sudden disappearance of one of the four players. None of us felt right playing without him and so the story never got completed.

Personal Business (All Parts)

Personal Business

Four single-session stories, each one focusing on one of the PCs, set in the Spring, when desire was in the air.

The Blizzard's Omen (All Parts)
Story 2

I have no idea when we actually played these sessions or how many there were. Here is the outline I have partially completed for this story.

The Blizzard’s Omen


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