Tag: Motley


  • The Pack

    The Pack From left to right: [[:orlando | Orlando]], [[:bobby-twotoes | Bobby Twotoes]], [[:verde | Verde]], [[:jaime-1 | Jaime]], …

  • Motleys

    * [[Midnight's Children]] - Gothic girls * [[The Beaters]] - Summer enforcer squad * [[The King's Gambit]] - Courtless drifters * [[The Pack]] - Autumn Hispanic gang * [[The Saturday People]] - Spring party throwers * [[The Whiterock Boys]] - Winter …

  • The King's Gambit

    The King's Gambit is a courtless motley composed of four members. * [[:Lumina]], Fairest Bright One, wears a pin shaped like a chess queen * [[:Stavros]], Wizened Drudge, wears a pin shaped like a chess rook * [[:Violet]], Fairest Flowering, wears a …

  • The Beaters

    From left to right: [[:cane-1 | Cane]], [[:cudgel-1 | Cudgel]], [[:nailbat | Nailbat]], [[:cricket-2 | Cricket]], [[:nine-iron | Nine Iron]]

  • The Whiterock Boys

    The Whiterock Boys are named after an apartment complex in Cornelius where they make their home. [[:tim-bradley | Tim Bradley]] [[:shannon-hart | Shannon Hart]] [[:corey-ellis | Corey Ellis]] [[:tyler-bujankowski | Tyler Bujankowski]]

  • Midnight's Children

    A recently formed motley, Midnight's Children is an all-female motley who dress in Gothic finery and surround themselves with mortals like them. [[:midnight-mary | Midnight Mary]], [[:anna-bones | Anna Bones]], [[:sandie | Sandie]], [[:rita-raven-britt …