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  • How the Rosbud Blossoms, Parts 2 and 3

    * [[Dim's Sidetrip Part 1]] 3 * [[First Time at the Garage Sale]] 2 * [[Dim's Sidetrip Part 2]] 3 * [[In Search of Saline]] 2 * [[Dim's Sidetrip Part 3]] 3 * [[Forensic Playtime]] 2 * [[Misinformation]] 3 * [[Guided Tour of the Hedge]] 3 * [[The …

  • How the Rosebud Blossoms, Part 4

    * [[Getting Down to Business]] * [[Questioning Maggie]] * [[Into the Woods]] * [[The Alley Revisited]] * [[Back to the Shelter]] * [[How to Part a Vampire From His Blood]]

  • Dim's Story

    In this story, Dim encountered a little girl named Claire who lived in his apartment complex. He came to find out that she was basically living on her own since her dad had been roughed up by some gang members for trying to deal on their turf. Dim …

  • Shika's Story

    (Rune, I'm waiting for you to expand on this one, because I'm sure you remember the particulars better than I do. I'm probably screwing a fair amount of this up.) In this session, we explored Shika's family. She discovered that her sister and her …