Back to the Shelter

Both Dim and Waconda are pretty badly wounded from whatever that weapon was, but Dim shoulders the burden of carrying Maggie as they make their way back to the Shelter.

Once there, they convince the Hospitallers that Maggie may be dangerous and that she needs to be locked up for now to prevent her from hurting anyone or herself. Shika calls the Autumn Court at the yoga studio and lets them know that they have a suspect in custody, and asks them to pass word to Olga.

The hospitallers graciously offer Waconda and Dim healing, but want to be repaid at some point in the future. Waconda drinks a smoothie that tastes like sunshine and makes his insides smile even as his wounds knit themselves together, and Dim scarfs down a bunch of fruit jerky that kicks him in the taste buds worse than Sour Patch Kids do. Oddly, his bleeding hole through his shoulder doesn’t actually go away. Looks like he’s earned a new bleeding wound. He even pokes a finger through it in amusement.

After a couple hours of recuperating and waiting, Olga arrives. Unlike the other occasions they have seen her, she’s actually dressed in a blouse and skirt with her hair pinned back. They explain their theory that Maggie killed Demetrius because of a delusion that he was a loyalist.

Olga tells them that they have to confirm what happened, and for that, they’ll need Maggie to be lucid. She can prepare a tonic that will induce lucidity in the madwoman, but she’ll need two things she doesn’t have on hand. One is a goblin fruit called an onion drop that is both rare and difficult to procure. The other is a pint of vampire blood. Because of the escalating state of violence between Autumn and Spring, it’s urgent that these tasks be completed tonight.

The motley splits up; Shika and Waconda will go after the vampire blood and Dim and Jacob will track down the fruit they need.

Back to the Shelter

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