Beginning and Ending

The Dreams Begin

In which Pollock and Shade have a shared dream in which they see Porsche stumbling out of the hedge. Pursuing her trail, they find her after she’s tried to go home…

Into the Hedge

In which Pollock, Shade and Porsche share a dream of Rajah, only he is trapped in the Hedge. They make a deal for a trifle that can lead them to him, and enter the Thorns to seek him out.

The Changing of the Season

Settling in somewhat, the group attends Court, where they each join a Season and swear to become a motley.

A Trip to Market

Wherein the motley repays a favor done, accepting an invitation to Desedemenona’s legendary high tea. To prepare, they seek out the Garage Sale to get new outfits and browse other, more bizarre items.

High Tea

In which the motley attends the Tea, encounters strange folk, receives a myriad of blessings, and then meets a very unexpected visitor.

Beginning and Ending

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