Checking Up on Oleg

Tuesday morning, Waconda wakes up late and calls in sick to work so that he can check around the Spring court for more information on Oleg. He’s never really been satisfied with Oleg’s motives and claim of innocence. A couple hours of digging turns up a friend of Oleg’s who might be able to confirm or deny everything he said.

Waconda drives into Sherwood out in the southwest end of town. He parks at an apartment building painted in earth tones and goes upstairs to the third floor. He knocks on the door to apartment 8C.

The door opens, and a shaggy-furred ogre opens the door with a toothy smile on his face. “Jerry! So nice to see you! Come on in!” The Spring courtier called Jellyman waves him to come inside with a huge paw-like hand.

Jellyman is a rotund ogre with a long, strawberry-blonde angora pelt. A slightly upturned nose and jagged teeth could give him a highly menacing appearance, if he weren’t so jovial. He’s wearing a white tank top stretched over his girth, and a pair of yellow cotton pants with pink polka dots on them.

Stepping into the apartment, Waconda is surprised to see the living room filled with clown paraphernalia. Paintings of clowns, little statues, a cardboard stand-up, some photos of Jellyman posing with performers from the Cirque du Soleil, and a thousand other knick knacks blanket the room in a carnival atmosphere.

“Would you like some tea?”

“Uh, no. No thanks.”

“You don’t mind if I have some, do you?”

“No. Go ahead.”

Jellyman plods into the kitchen. From the other room, he calls, “So, you’re here about Oleg, aren’t you?”

Waconda pulls out his flask and takes a swig. He answers, “Not to put too fine a point on it, but yeah. What sort of guy is he?”

The furry ogre comes back carrying a tea tray. As he lays himself out a cup and pours the tea, he says “He’s a generous soul, even though he’s a darkling. He works hard. Harder than any of those Winter Hospitallers do.”

“And you don’t think he killed Demetrius?”

“No.” He blows on his tea. “No, I don’t. Even if all of the evidence pointed to it, I wouldn’t believe he could do it. It’s not in his nature.”

They talk for a few more minutes about Oleg’s character and about the little Jellyman knows about Lucinda and Demetrius. Waconda thanks him for his time and leaves.

Checking Up on Oleg

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