Dim's Sidetrip Part 1

Meanwhile, Dim has gotten his own car and taken off. He asks around with a number of other changelings about where he can find Bloody Bart. Eventually, the trail of leads takes him to a gym. He meets up with another ogre he knows vaguely, a guy called Hoojoo.

Hoojoo looks like an aged medicine ball; his skin is like tough old leather. Dim knows this guy as a bare-knuckle boxer and a portable wrecking ball for the Summer Court motleys, which means he’s probably worked with Bloody Bart before.

After a short introduction, Dim asks Hoojoo to box. They spar for a number of rounds, with Dim taking an early lead by landing a nasty punch to Hoojoo’s side. After a moment, Hoojoo responds with a brutal succession of blows that drive through Dim’s defenses and end up putting him on the defensive and reeling. Desperate to come out on top, Dim finally catches a classic 1-2 combo and finishes with an uppercut that sends Hoojoo sprawling.

Impressed despite the injuries, Hoojoo accepts Dim as a fellow tough and an alright guy. Dim comes out and asks him where he might be able to get a hold of Bloody Bart. Bart, he learns, hangs out at a pool hall way out on the very eastern edge of town. A place called the Pub at the End of the Universe. Still alone, Dim decides it’s too early in the day to head over there, and goes to take care of some personal business first.

Dim's Sidetrip Part 1

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