First Time at the Garage Sale

Shika, Jacob and Waconda have decided on a course of action. Back at the crime scene, they collected a scrap of torn gray cloth found crumpled in Demetrius’ hand. It seems like a clue they should follow up on, so they figure that a hobgoblin tailor might have some means of determining what garment it came from, and maybe even who owned it.

It’s Saturday afternoon, which means that the Garage Sale should be in town. Somewhere. The Garage Sale is a weekly goblin market. This event changes locations every time it runs. To find it, changelings hunt down the signs that have a green stick man and say “GArAge sALe,” then follow the arrows to the sale itself. It’s open from noon to midnight, and you want to be out before it closes, because rumor says it disappears without a trace, taking anyone who was inside with it.

In this case, they drive around town a while until they track down the signs in a neighborhood in Beaverton. Since Jacob is with them, they are free and clear to enter Winter Court territory without issue. Parking a block away, they walk up. A mundane garage sale has been set up in someone’s house, but the blanket-covered figure sitting on a stool up by the open garage seems out of the ordinary. Some crappy possessions are laid out on tables out on the driveway. Jacob becomes enthralled with the junk items and Shika and Waconda are left to explore further on their own.

They approach the garage and quickly realize that the shrouded figure is a poorly disguised hobgoblin. He, or it, waves them into the garage. Inside, they rapidly realize that they have exited the mortal garage and gone into the Hedge. The market is sectioned off into stalls with cardboard walls. Exotic smells and sounds permeate the area and a bustle of mostly waist-high hobgoblins parts for the two changelings as they wander in.

Ignoring the CHIKN SHAK stall run by two shark-like hobs, Waconda eventually spots a hob running a nameless stall that sells custom made hedgespun clothing. The creature is about three feet tall and wears an outfit like a turn of the century tailor. They ask if he can help them with the cloth, and as they bargain, Jacob rejoins them, carrying a wooden Don Quixote statuette.

The hob seems interested in the statuette, and implies that it can tell them what kind of fabric they’ve got in exchange for it. Jacob is offended at the suggestion that he give up his prize new possession, and refuses. Reluctantly, Waconda agrees to sell the smaller of his two flasks of alcohol to the hob in exchange for the knowledge they seek.

Taking the flask, the hob tells them that they’ve got a scrap of scrabram wool. Not a rare fabric, but given the color, it isn’t popular with changelings. They press the creature and learn that it’s only had one changeling customer for that kind of fabric recently. He tells them that he can’t really identify him. “Changelings all look alike to me. But maybe I could remember if I had an elegant Don Quixote statue…”

Disgusted, Jacob leaves with his statue. Frustrated at giving up his flask for essentially nothing useful, Waconda leaves as well. Shika catches up and they exit the market. Four hours have passed in the real world, despite only being in there for a maximum of twenty minutes.

First Time at the Garage Sale

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