Getting Down to Business

Shika calls around and gets the guys to come meet her at the usual Starbucks as soon as she gets off work. She briefly explains the revelation she’s had about the connection between the bits of evidence they’ve received.

When the boys all show up, Dim has a load of groceries in bags. They argue over whether they should waste the time to take him all the way home to drop them off, or just let his perishable goods spoil. In the end, since Waconda is driving, he elects to drive over to the east side to Dim’s apartment building.

In the car, Dim pulls out a new track phone and activates a bunch of minutes on it, then crushes his old phone and throws its mutilated corpse out the window. He gives the others his new number.

When they get to Dim’s apartment, Shika quickly becomes nervous about being left in the car in Summer Court territory without someone there to chaperone them. She starts looking around for other Lost. Dim finally comes back outside and gets in. But before Waconda turns the car on, a draconic fairest named Elaine actually comes walking down the sidewalk.

Shika begs Waconda to drive on, but the woman’s already seen Dim and she’s waving to him as she walks up. Dim glares at the window, unable to figure out how to open it. After a moment, he breaks the window out and waves back to Elaine. Waconda, predictably, goes “What the hell, man? Why didn’t you just roll it down?”

So Dim grabs the window crank and turns it. Naturally, the broken window catches against the door and fails to roll down. “Nah, man. This thing ain’t working.” Jacob and Shika are both amused and annoyed by the exchange.

Elaine approaches the window. She’s wearing a burgundy zip-up hoodie and jogging pants. Her shimmering metallic scales accent her clothing with tones of bronze and green. “Hey, Dim. These friends of yours?”

“Uh, kind of.”

“Weird. Anyway, have you heard? Couple Autumn motleys got all fired up about Demetrius’ murder and went down to Spring territory. They figure Oleg killed him, so they trashed his apartment and beat up this other guy and trashed his place too.”

Shika leans up over Dim’s shoulder and says, “Are you serious?”

Elaine blinks a couple times. “Yes, I’m serious. They didn’t find Oleg though.”

Jacob speaks up, “It appears we need to hurry. Thank you, miss, for the information. We must be on our way.”

Getting Down to Business

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