Interviewing the Witness

Annie Bile escorts them to see Oleg and ask him what he knows. He is found being guarded by the dour and terrible guards of the Autumn Court in some dank room adjoining the Bowl.

They press him for information; it seems that Oleg is working with a difficult case. He is trying to help a young changeling, freshly returned, and needed Demetrius’ assistance in determining what is wrong with the young man’s mind. They were to meet to discuss it in a small park between buildings in a mostly industrial neighborhood in the northwestern downtown area.

When Oleg arrived, he found Demetrius dead. He is nearly incoherent with shock and adrenaline, and describes that Demetrius was like the ground, and his body was more like a thing than a person, with his blood flowing away like a river. Before he could call for help or try to render aid, something dark and hairy snarled at him from the darkness. Oleg fled, but could tell he was being chased as far as 2nd and Burnside before he managed to find a gateway to disappear into.

Sensing that he is wrung out as much as he can handle, the motley dismisses Oleg for now.

Interviewing the Witness

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