Into the Hedge


Rude Awakening

No sooner do they recover Porsche, than all three dream about a fourth member of their group of escapees, who needs their help desperately.

On the Hunt

The trio searches for a means to find their friend and encounters an interesting lady of the Onyx Court.

The Darkling’s Bargain

A surly Winter courtier offers them a means of finding Rajah.

What Happened to Rajah

Wherein we learn what Rajah has been up to all this time.

To the Hedge

How the search for Rajah went once they entered the hedge itself.

Of Fight and Flight

Rajah makes his bid for escape, and the others deal with an unexpected encounter.


The four are finally reunited.



Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Pollock underestimated Porsche’s capabilities, and the appearance of youth should not have fooled her into assuming her friend was unable to handle herself in a fight. Point.
Roleplaying: Pollock’s player offered a great goal and method for the group to follow and handled the bridge between player knowledge and character knowledge well, not having all the answers and guessing wrong sometimes. Point.
RP Nomination: Everyone liked the way Pollock interacted with Slim. Point.
Heroism: Pollock immediately took the helm in directing the group to retrieve Rajah immediately and without delay. Point.
Total: 5


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Porsche was surprised at her own protectiveness of her friends, and learned that there are things she cares about other than herself. Point.
Roleplaying: Porsche twigged onto the communication style of MissInformation quickly and naturally, and played it cool that she had done so. She also described the way her Armor of the Element’s Fury grew onto her vividly. Point.
RP Nomination: The other players nominated her for the MissInformation interaction, too. Point.
Heroism: Porsche stepped up and protected her friends at great personal risk. Point.
Total: 5


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: When you’ve struck a deal or made an oath, play by the rules or you get burned. Point.
Roleplaying: Rajah’s player offered a lot of stream of consciousness of him trying to figure out how to go about escaping his employment contract. It was very insightful. Point.
RP Nomination: Pollock’s player enjoyed how Rajah went overboard on his plan to escape, and that he played up the savage element of the character. Point.
Heroism: We agreed that Rajah’s bid for freedom was heroic because he’d made a deal with the fae cat beast and he followed through, setting it free instead of just running off and leaving it in captivity. He went above and beyond. Point.
Total: 5


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Shade felt impotent in combat, and was ashamed of his performance. He realized he wanted to find ways to improve his ability to help. Point.
Roleplaying: Shade’s player played his lack of knowledge and experience in the hedge and in changeling society as an element of the character, rather than as his own lack of experience with the setting. Point.
RP Nomination: Pollock’s player appreciated how Shade quietly and efficiently handled the hedge gate. When they had trouble figuring it out, he just delivered an answer as though he had been waiting for them to need him. Point.
Heroism: Shade had no heroic actions.
Total: 4

Into the Hedge

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