The Dreams Begin


Two Dream As One

Pollock and Shade dream of Porsche’s arrival from the hedge and search for her at the Shelter.

The Lost Girl

Porsche calls her mom to pick her up, and receives a rude awakening about the time she was gone. Meanwhile, Pollock and Shade try to catch up to her.

Time To Go

Polly extracts Porsche from her home for now.

Porsche’s First Lesson

Shade and Pollock explain the basics of the changeling condition to Porsche.

Crash Pad

Polly allows Shade and Porsche to crash at her current boyfriend’s place while they figure things out.



Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Pollock has not forgotten the issue that arose over the timeline. She’s been waiting for Porsche’s return from the thorns for longer than Porsche’s even been gone. This terrifies her and defies all sense. Point.
Roleplaying: Very A-type and sociable. Point.
RP Nomination: Porsche’s player loved the constant pronouncements that Pollock gave of her hair color of the moment. Throughout the game, she declared colors to indicate her mental state. Point.
Heroism: No significant danger was faced in this session.
Total: 4


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Maybe convention is there for a reason. By skipping out on the help she was offered, Porsche put herself in a very dangerous situation and only the help of her friends saved her from it. Point.
Roleplaying: An excellent look at a teenage girl. Point.
RP Nomination: Shade’s player was impressed and somewhat frightened by the accuracy with with Porsche’s player inhabited the mindset and flippant attitude of a seventeen year old, and in particular a set of mannerisms she evoked by folding her arms or rolling her eyes. Point.
Heroism: No significant danger was faced in this session.
Total: 4


Not present
Total: 0


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: This is his first session of Changeling and his first in the World of Darkness. He has learned a great deal simply by playing. Point.
Roleplaying: Shade came off well as distant but still interested. Point.
RP Nomination: Pollock’s player loved how Shade settled in to wait outside Porsche’s house. His insistence on observation impressed her. Point.
Heroism: No significant danger was faced in this session.
Total: 4

The Dreams Begin

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