Fairest Muse/Polychromatic


A member of the Spring Court, Pollock has access to the contracts of Eternal Spring and Fleeting Spring and has invested several dots into each. The ability to heal and revitalize her companions feels like an important path to peruse.
Through her motleys recent mis-adventures she’s been, with out their knowledge, been finding ways to teach herself the skills brawl, and firearms. She’s also been considering taking the first dot in contracts of dream, hedge navigation would be easier with it, but she hasn’t yet.


Pollock appears to be a young woman with pale white skin which, at close range, appears to be textured like a primed painters canvas. Her hair and eye color are chameleon-like, they change in coloration and pattern in accordance with Polly’s mood or mental state, though she can change them at will. Polly cries watercolors, and when her hair is pulled out, becomes plain blank threads.
She has a bubbly, friendly personality and is rather the socalite. Polly unashamedly uses humans as a resource and hops from sugerdaddy to sugerdaddy without much pause.
She’s always viewed humans affections as a particularly interesting toy, and though it has not (yet) come up in game play, she’ll admit that she’s never really known what “love” was. Not in the sense that her parade of lovers claim they feel. She cares for her motley as fiercely as any animal cares for their kin. But is it love…?
She uses the muse aspect of her kith to validate her parasitic influence on the lives of mortal artists. She uses her gifts to pick at their minds, pulling the right threads to see how their creativity flows and ebbs, gaining some neutral satisfaction seeing how far she can push them before she can no longer reel them back in. She uses their emotions as her personal paint set, coxing the most elaborate and beautiful works of art out of them possible. But when the paint runs out, she tends to as well.

Pollock, as far as she remembers (which is always a bit hazy) was in Arcadia as an attendant to a Fae Queen. One of her jobs was to groom and dress the queen, to do her makeup and hair and all other sorts of tasks to keep the queen looking her best. At some point she made a mistake the Queen deemed grave enough to be kicked out of her entourage. Left to her own devices in Arcadia Polly grouped up with three other changelings to make their way back through the hedge into the human world.

Polly has no memories currently of who she was before Arcadia. Sometimes she wonders if she ever was a real person or always just existed with the Fae.
She’s never been overly concerned with thoughts of who she WAS. Movement forward seems more important. Why does it matter who she was? Who she is now and who she’s becoming are much more valuable things to invest precious thoughts into.


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