Porsche Camille Worthington


Porsche is a seventeen year old girl with sleek brunette hair and skin as white as snow. Quite literally, her skin carries the white sheen of a layer of ice, with bright glacial blue eyes and, in stark contrast, ruby red lips. When she breathes, tiny puffs of frigid air emerge with her syllables. She carries herself confidently and with the brashness that only a teen can manage so honestly. Her features are sharp and precise, with smooth, beautiful curves and angles, giving her an intangible quality of attractiveness.

She dresses in fashionable style for a teenager, all high quality fabrics and name brands. She also habitually wears the cheerleading outfit she stole back from her Fetch.


Camille is a seventeen year old girl with tousled brunette hair and ashen skin. Her skin carries the rough texture and grayed appearance of rock, with dull blue eyes and pale lips. Her carriage is slumped and meek. Her features are rough and round, and generally just miss being attractive, either too large, or too plump, too small or too flat, all in little ways here and there.

She dresses in oversized clothing and dark colors, trying to hide inside a protective layer of rough and durable fabric.

Porsche Camille Worthington

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