Shade's easy to overlook, and that's the way he likes it...


Shade is tall and thin, with a hunched posture (as if he’s trying to hide himself). He’s completely hairless, with pale skin and a huge beak of a nose. His Mien is much the same as his Mask, except his skin is like cracked granite and his ears are pointed (why do so many things connected to Faerie have pointed ears?). When he moves, sometimes dust seems to fall from his joints. His fingers are long and nimble (the better for climbing).

He wears sweaters & dresses warmly, even in summer, and wears sunglasses during the day (and sometimes at night, if artificial lights are a bit too bright). He tends to dress somewhat nicely, favoring “professor casual” clothing (nice sweaters, button-up shirts, slacks or dark jeans, nice leather shoes). He will often be seen with his nose in a book of some sort.

Shade’s a very quiet soul. Even before his time in Faerie, he was the sort of person who’d rather stay at home with a good book than go party. His Durance only made him more shy. Even so, he’s curious about what makes people tick, and to that end he loves to sit on the sidelines or in a corner, just observing those around him. He has few friends, but he’s fiercely loyal, willing to go anywhere or do anything to help his chosen family.



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