The Changing of the Season


A Way Out

In which the quartet must now find their way out of the hedge.

Home Again

During which they fill Rajah in on some lost time while traveling back to the car and then home.

Filling the Hours

How time was spent over the next several weeks.

The Rise of Autumn

Wherein the group travels to court to see Summer give way to Autumn.

Court Begins

Where Rajah watches the court proceedings and then speaks to King Dimr of Summer.

A Place for Porsche

Where Porsche joins the Spring Court.



Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Pollock learned that now that her friends are here, she needs to work on planning ahead more. She got them here and has no idea what to do next. Point.
Roleplaying: Pollock jumped right into introducing her friends to other characters but not getting in the way of each having a chance to shine on their own. Point.
RP Nomination: None was made.
Heroism: Nothing heroic occurred.
Total: 3


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Porsche’s player observed that Rajah being gone so long was an amazing thing, and that in the time she’s been alive, he’d missed just about everything she was familiar with. Point.
Roleplaying: Porsche was really good at inserting herself into a coterie of changelings in the Spring Court. She gave an excellent view of Porsche “in her element.” Point.
RP Nomination: Pollock’s player indicated that Porsche’s condescension toward changelings she had just met was perfect for the background crafted for this charater. Point.
Heroism: Nothing heroic occurred.
Total: 4


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Rajah learned that he’s not alone and that others have had many of the same experiences he’s had, and have the same attitudes he’s had. Point.
Roleplaying: Rajah’s player apologized immediately after some in-character tension between himself and Porsche (not captured in this story) where he grew sick of her overloading him on new info. Point.
RP Nomination: Pollock’s player enjoyed how Rajah reacted to the loss of time, and loved his comment “What did Bill Clinton do?!?” Point.
Heroism: Nothing heroic occurred.
Total: 4


Automatic point.
Learning Curve: Shade was ashamed that he did not react the way Rajah did. Only a couple weeks after his return, and from an absence of nearly two decades, Rajah refused to give up. Shade had been back a year and failed to get his life going again. Point.
Roleplaying: Shade faded into the background effectively when he wasn’t the star of the action. But when investigating the truck, his inquisitiveness was striking. Point.
RP Nomination: Pollock’s player nominated Shade for a bonus XP for his bird-like mannerisms and bold curiosity when they came across the truck in the hedge. Point.
Heroism: Nothing heroic occurred.
Total: 4

The Changing of the Season

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