The Northern March

The Northern March is an embittered, cruel and selfish Freehold based in Vancouver. It seems to have been founded by the worst examples of each Court one could find. The largest contingent is the Summer Court, which became the foundation of the Freehold. As such, the entire Freehold is organized into a military hierarchy. Lip service is paid to the Great Courts, but everyone knows that regardless of the season, Old Sarge is really running the show. He’s the General and the head of the military all year ’round.

The Northern March has displayed a tendency toward the very worst of each Court. Summer courtiers aren’t just aggressive and wrathful, they are bullies and brigands. Autumn courtiers are vicious, terrorizing humans and creating nightmares with abandon. Winter courtiers are remorseless assassins. Spring courtiers are hedonistic and sadistic. All of the changelings of the March seem to have a disregard for humans and human life.


The Northern March is divided along the traditional Court lines, with each Court assigned a particular role in the military.

Spring: logistics division. Spring is in charge of procuring (by theft, intimidation or bribery) supplies for the March. This often includes drugs, whores, and weapons as they see fit.

Summer: the army. The largest mass of changelings are the 6 motleys that originally broke off from The Summer Court of the Rose, supplemented by others they have recruited since that time.

Autumn: combat engineers and . Autumn has few changelings in the March, but they specialize in the most fantastically destructive and brutal powers at their disposal.

Winter: Black Ops. The small contingent of Winter Court members in the March are all assassins and scouts, working from cover and darkness. They are reputed to use cold iron even against fellow changelings.


During The Dark Days, a violent, aggressive and heartless militia emerged from the squads of the Summer Court. They claimed that the Rose had lost the ability to govern the city, and that they weren’t going to sit by and take it any more. Recruiting from each of the other Courts, they settled their sights on Vancouver.

Using intelligence gathered from turncoat Autumn members of their militia, Militia of the Northern March stormined Vancouver, the heart of Autumn’s territory. They waged a bloody struggle, block by block, to usurp the city. These dangerous and violent changelings named themselves and their fledgling Freehold The Northern March, after the militia.

Several additional skirmishes continued to occur as members of the Court of the Rose tried to reclaim the lands or at least obtain valuable possessions before they were discovered and pillaged by the militia. The Autumn Court retains a serious vendetta against the Northern March to this day.

Since then, things have been quieter, though no less hospitable. Although the Rose Throne is secure and stable again, the March has refused to re-integrate or cede back any lands to Autumn’s members. Officially, members of the Rose are refused entry to Vancouver under pain of torture and expulsion into the Hedge.

Notable Changelings

The General, Old Sarge

The War Council: Bloody Bart (Summer), Thoth (Autumn), Pauline Frasier (Winter), Henrietta Hecklemaw (Spring)

The Northern March

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